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  • Diamond Dot Kits
    Diamond Dot Kits

    8 assorted designs to choose from.  Includes your diamond dots, wax,...

  • Suncatcher

    Choose from 6 different designs.  Paint your transparent suncatcher and...

  • MYO Bangle set (2 designs)
    MYO Bangle set (2 designs)

    2 assorted craft boxes to make your own bracelets.  Glitter bangles or...

  • Plane - Boeing
    Plane - Boeing

    Metal plane with a pull back mechanism.

  • Transformer Armour
    Transformer Armour

    3 assorted designs.  The black robot transforms into a police car; the...

  • Jewelry Petz
    Jewelry Petz

    A take on the Twisty Pets brand.  6 assorted colourful beads make up one...

  • Build n Play construction
    Build n Play construction

    Good quality plastic construction vehicles to build. Chunky pieces for...

  • Build n Play Bikes
    Build n Play Bikes

    2 assorted bike construction. Good quality plastic with flexible pieces...


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  • 3 assorted colours; good density polystyrene ufo with an infra red beam; break the beam with your hand and the motor speeds up and the ufo rises. Asit moves further from your hand, the motor slows and the ufo drops.  Amazing tricks. Suitable for children over the age of 5 years.  includes a usb charger for the rechargeable battery in the housing.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item